Today my little bastard, my PCS celebrates her first birthday. .

1  Y E A R  old

It’s a  S H E  because as a woman it’s easier to connect and perhaps understand it.. Maybe
— I loathe her.
Not because she’s here, but because she’s always here. .
She does not give me one day without her telling me, quite compelling I might add; I can make your ears screech and whine for silence, your head pound and crash like if Thor has moved in, I can make you tired and nausea and make the room spin.. and it’s not a game nor is it for the fun of it - it’s to tell you to take care of yourself..

“Some days you can read 15 minutes, others only 2..”

“Some days you can talk to other people for 10 minutes, others only 2..”
“Some days you can make  art for 20 minutes, others only 2..”

“The thing is Kirsten; I decide, not you..”

a birthday greeting

“Dear PCS, you may decide and you may have taught me a thing or two. I’ve learned to appreciate even the littlest things and I know you have taught something else.. But that is a secret between you and me. I’m sure you’ll teach me even more — Happy f. . . . . . birthday, I acknowledge you as part of me, but I will also allow myself to dream, to have hopes; I hope your life will be short.”

watercolor of a girl with dreams flying above her head

It still follows her around

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